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Bucks Trade 31st Pick to Indiana for Picks No. 54, No. 60, and Future 2nds (UPDATED)

Draft capital, you ask?

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least Jon Horst didn’t keep us waiting two hours to start making things happen.

A couple quick notes. The Bucks now have two selections instead of their high 2nd-round one selection, which per site overlord Mitchell Maurer (recalling from memory until we find concrete sourcing), “If you sign your own 2nd round draft pick, they get paid the 0-years of experience minimum, or $925K. If you sign an undrafted free agent to a minimum deal, they get paid that same amount BUT it counts as a veteran minimum on the cap (~$1.7M).”

So essentially the Bucks are able to nab two guys for the (cap) price of one UDFA. It should be noted that Milwaukee dropped themselves out reach of the borderline first round guys (who ostensibly have a higher chance of being actual NBA players) and will also eat up a roster spot that could go to a ring chaser. But hey, it’s all fluid and who knows how it’ll shake out tonight.

Most importantly: The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champs.

UPDATE: From our friend Eric Nehm at The Athletic: