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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Sign Thanasis Antetokounmpo to Two-Year Deal

The writing was on the wall

Milwaukee Bucks Larry O’Brien Trophy Shoot Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

In the category of least surprising moves this offseason, Thanasis Antetokounmpo re-upping with the Milwaukee Bucks was numero uno. Now, we finally have confirmation that the older brother of Giannis will be a Buck for two more years, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

I am particularly enjoying Woj’s continued attempts to get back in the good graces of the Bucks with the “13 more in the Playoffs” line there for Thanasis. That’s some dedication to kissing the ring. While we saw in the “extended” Playoff minutes that Thanasis clearly isn’t quite ready for prime time, I have to admit he played like a semi-capable regular season player this past season. I was incredibly skeptical of his first deal, but think he demonstrated enough bench player skills for his presence to be more than just a tip of the cap to Giannis. But, it might’ve also helped re-sign Giannis, and Thanasty is perhaps the most joyous individual I’ve ever seen. If for no other reason than he makes me smile at least once a game, I’m glad to have him back.

I expect it to be for the minimum, but I’m curious if there will be any non-guaranteed years. Last time, to my surprise, his two-year deal was fully guaranteed. I’m kinda expecting the same here. The summer of Saratsis continues!!

The next discussion is of course what this means for the non-guaranteed folks at the bottom of the roster: Elijah Bryant and Mamadi Diakite. Georgios’ recent signing means he’s likely a lock, so my money is on Bryant getting the boot. Despite him seemingly getting in Bud’s good graces with a Playoff appearance in real minutes, I’m not sure he’ll crack the guard rotation. Who knows though, I’m really not sure what Milwaukee’s internal evaluation of those two players is. I could easily see Diakite being shown the door too.

Regardless, it’s nice to know Thanasty will be treating us to his particular brand of basketball chaos for a few seasons more.