Free Agency Grades...and are we done?

Got challenging to follow the 800+ posts in the most recent thread, so if someone spoke to this already, then let me know.

So, if our draft picks are both two-way guys, then by my count we’re up to 14 roster spots taken currently. It appears Hill got most of the TMLE in his deal, so we’re down to minimum deals if we do sign anyone else. Do you think Horst leaves a spot open for a midseason pickup or to take an additional player back in a trade, and we’re done with free agency for now? Or do you think that spot gets filled (probably with Thanasis?)


Portis: A. For Bobby to reportedly turn down bigger deals from other potential contenders to return to Milwaukee on a steal for his production and offensive impact is huge. My one complaint is that Horst left the TMLE on the table, which you’d think would mean he had something bigger planned for that if he didn’t give it to Bobby, but then to use it on George Hill seems like kind of a letdown. But just looking at the Bobby deal for what it is, it’s an absolute steal.

Ojeleye: B-. You can’t look at this deal without the ghost of PJ Tucker past looming over it. We all know Semi is a cheaper, younger approximation of PJ, or will at least be billed that way. It’s safe to assume Semi won’t be quite as impactful or play as much as PJ did this past postseason. But again, taking it for what it is, it’s a minimum deal for a younger player who is known as a very good defender and can hit some corner threes at a decent rate. A really solid signing.

Hood: B-. This is one of those that could turn into a B+ or A- really easily if Hood gets back to his previous form. If he can be a double digit scorer off the bench like he’s capable, it easily becomes an incredible steal on a minimum deal. But, if the risk doesn’t pay off and he has another season like last year, this quickly plummets to a D. It’s worth a risk, and to only give up a minimum deal is palatable, but when you’re trying to get back to the finals, you’ve really got to hit on signings more than not. We shall see, I’m optimistic overall.

Hill: C+. Let me be clear, I think Hill will be solid. I think he’ll score about 8 ppg and shoot threes at a good percentage. He’ll play decent defense. I just think it points to us likely being denied by potentially more impactful players, I really don’t believe for a second Hill was our first choice, and by some of the rumors of players we were linked to, I think that’s obvious. It seems like a safe signing, and maybe that’s what we needed all along, just someone steady at backup PG versus making a splash. Maybe there were in actuality no splashes to be had for the TMLE for us. So the grade is less about Hill, who I think will be solid for $4 mil a year, and more a question about the process that led to his signing.

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