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Site Announcement: Welcome To Our Newest Members!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our newest members! If you’re here, that means that you’re ready to get introduced to the newest voices in the Brew Hoop community, a place for Milwaukee Bucks fans to come together and talk Bucks (and non-Bucks) stuff productively. But don’t take our word from it, let’s hear from Jon, Sydney, Morgan, Alex, and Sean themselves!

Adam & Mitchell

Jon Lowe

My name is Jon Lowe, and I am here on Brew Hoop to post my ideas about what I think about the Bucks. I have been a Bucks fan long before the championship season, and I swear I have watched the “Game 6 Mini Movie” on YouTube about 20 times since then. My opinions are not always the same as the masses, and I plan on getting a lot of disagreements with some of you, but hopefully it comes from a place of love for the Bucks. Check out my FanPost titled “Semi-PJ” to get a sample of my work. Thank you.

Sydney Fink – @sydn3yfink

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Fink and I LOVE the Milwaukee Bucks!! I feel like love is a huge understatement, but I couldn’t think of a better word to use. I like to believe that I was in fact, born to be a Bucks fan, raised in the city of Waukesha, WI. My profound area of expertise is, you guessed it, ALL THINGS Milwaukee Bucks! I wanted to join Brew Hoop so that I could commit my time and energy to our NBA Champions, create exciting new content, and serve my community in the best way that I know how…writing! You can always find me either watching Bucks basketball, writing about Bucks basketball, or talking about Bucks basketball! To say the least, I love movies, tacos, and the delicious spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know more about me and my writing!

Morgan Quinn Ross – @mqr_mobile

Hi all! My name is Morgan (he/him). I was born and raised in Sheboygan and remain a proud Sheboyganite / Wisconsinite. I learned to read via the Journal Sentinel sports section, specifically via articles on the Bucks being swept by the Pistons in the first round of the playoffs, and have been following them ever since. Especially in the last few years, it has been such a privilege to following a group of upstanding guys who just happen to be really good at basketball. I’m not really sure what type of content I will create, but to give a sense of my taste, I want to mention that Ish Smith is a point guard, Larry Sanders deserves every penny that we continue to pay him, and my favorite player is Ersan Ilyasova, full stop (even if he might be Uzbeki rather than Turkish Thunder). Feel free to check me out on Twitter if you want a glimpse into my day job as a PhD student studying mobile technology at (The) Ohio State University (I remain a Badger fan, of course!).

Alex Skov – @AJSkov

Hey, Brew Hoop community. After a stint in journalism and sports media that included providing color commentary for junior college basketball teams in southern Kansas, I co-founded an independent basketball blog with Rock Chalk Talk staff writer Kyle Davis and later contributed to Bucks coverage elsewhere on the internet.

Being from the Midwest and having a soft spot for small markets, Bucks fandom feels natural. Larry Sanders’ rec specs brought me untold joy, I loved the Kendall Marshall signing, if not the results, and I am overly excited to see my fellow Kansan Semi Ojeleye join the roster this season. My favorite moment from last season’s championship run? Making my first-ever foray to Milwaukee and seeing the Bucks in person for the first time while soaking up the Fiserv Forum atmosphere during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Sean Eaton – @SeanEatonVU

Hey everybody! I come to the Brew Hoop community after two years spent in the Bucks front office. First, in Basketball Operations and then as a Basketball Strategy & Analytics Intern. In this role I was able to work extensively with roster construction, coaching reports, free agency and trade deadline execution, and a number of other projects centered on strategic planning. Prior to my time with the Bucks I worked with Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports and Entertainment for close to a year, supporting his agents and basketball representation staff, as well as spending some time on the court with their clients. Wind the clock even further back and I was once a board op and producer for ESPN Milwaukee during the rookie year of a little known Greek-born forward that the team selected with the 15th overall pick in that year’s draft.

After enjoying a championship run and making a lot of friends and great memories, I decided to walk away in favor of a corporate 9-5 and to try my hand at the media side of the industry. My passion for this game has always been in chopping it up with friends and fans, often times over a beer or a keyboard, dissecting the would’ves and could’ves of trades or X’s and O’s. I want to bring my knowledge (and maybe a story or two) of how this organization operates and strategizes to inform conversation and hell, have a little fun with the discourse along the way. I’m excited to implement some potentially cool ideas within podcasting and editorializing on this platform, and I look forward to engaging with the fans and my fellow contributors. Less than a month until the title defense begins! Lets get after it!

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