Bud Wiser vs Russell A. Poldrack

"Individuals tend to revert to their first-learned behavior during times of stress or when they experience difficulty sustaining the attention needed to persist with their newly adopted behaviors"

Russell Poldrack, of Stanford University and his study sponsored by the NIH, theorized that the improvements we see, can be commonly lost under pressure.

Now what does this have to to do with basketball?

Coach Bud has a long history of taking the minimum wage journeyman, and raising their performance a tier or two. In Atlanta, Korver, Carroll, and Bazemore all got paid after attending Bud University.

In Milwaukee, Lopez, Portis, PattyC, Forbes, Hill, and Brogdon had career bests under the watchful eye of Bud. Even establish players like Giannis, Khash and Jrue have taken their games to new levels. Bud is a teacher.

However, as Poldrack predicts, not all all lessons stick. It is easy to take the new path when times are good, but under playoff stress, old habits reemerge. Just look at Giannis's ft% regular season vs playoffs (72% vs 61%).

Oldresorter has successfully given us a tier system to grade players. For example it might look like:

Giannis is a 5 or a 6

Khash/Jrue 3.5 to 4

Lopez 3 to 3.5

Donte/Portis maybe 2.5's

Everyone else is 2 or lower.

All of the players have climbed up tiers under the watchful eye of Bud. However, I would like to introduce a new term, "The Bud Mirage".

Bud is kind of like a used car dealer. He can take a pieces of junk, give it a good detail, and give the illusion that its is really better than it looks.

For example, Bledsoe during the regular season under Bud can look like The BledShow (3.5). But come playoffs, he is lucky if he is a two.

So all this brings up a few questions (feel free to answer them below).

Does winning the ring help some of the lessons stick?

Are players like PattyC or Portis closer to a 3 or a 1.5 now that they have found playoff success?

What new players (Allen, Hood, Semi) will take advantage of Bud University and start climbing tiers?

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