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Milwaukee Bucks Media Day Open Thread

Let’s hear from the champs

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Milwaukee Bucks Introduce Donte DiVincenzo Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks road to a repeat starts today. With media day finally upon us at noon Central, it’s a day to bathe in the team’s glorious accomplishments and be showered with platitudes. We’ll get to hear from the whole gamut of the Bucks organization today, from ownership to GM Jon Horst, coach Mike Budenholzer and on down the roster. Most importantly, you can play along at home — the beauty of media day is that Frank’s bingo card is relevant whether the Bucks are in “champion mode” or “Never trust the Bucks” mode.

The one thing missing from Frank’s card may be Giannis’s dad joke, but you can basically count that as a free space. I’m curious what the big takeaway sound bite will be this year — infamously Bud’s “championship or bust” comment really set aflame the torches across Bucks Twitter. I imagine there will be a few more smiles this year, and a heavy dose of humility as the team tries to climb the mountaintop once again. I would say I’m most interested in hearing from Jon Horst, but Eric Nehm already provided about as quality an interview with the man as I could hope for. I’d say George Hill probably takes the cake then, hopefully we can hear more about his feelings last year after departing the team, and what drew him back.

The Bucks Twitter account says media days will be streaming live on the Bucks app starting at noon, but if anyone finds a place it’s available online drop a link in the comments. If I spot something I’ll update the post so y’all can watch it here. Go Bucks.


Here’s the stream for Milwaukee’s media day.