the LanD of misFit ToYs

A conversation between Harms and the Chesses Machine ended in this quote:

Allen is going to be a nice addition.

I think Portis understands overcoming negative impressions (Mirotic incident).

It got me thinking how many people are like misfit toys (my favorite Christmas special after Die Hard and Elf). I have written in the past (but Coral seems to have misplaced my words), about my sons and my own struggles with dyslexia and the stigma with goes with it.

We both were told in 3rd grade by the experts that we would spend the rest of our schools days in special education, and lowering expectations would be best. The concept of college was a just fantasy.

Well those experiences can either doom you, or they can be a large chip on ones shoulder that drives you.

The Bucks roster is filled with misfit toys. Lets take a look.

Giannis- we all know the story, and look how the media/talking heads still tries to bring him down. The more the bastards push him down, the more he breaks glass ceilings.

Khash- a throw in for Brandon Jennings. How many words have been written that he would never live up to his contract.

Jrue- seemly always considered a tier below the best point guards, yet without him the Bucks do not win a ring and the USA does not win gold.

Brook- considered a dinosaur high usage post player that would not play defense. The Lakers did not want him. Reinvents himself to the modern game and has made Disney cool again.

The Big Ragu- given a nickname of a cheap sauce, did not start on his college team, and yet brings a contagious energy and a nice on/off.

PattyC- Portland gave up on him (seeing a theme?). Has earned every cent of his contract.

Portis- we know his history and all I can say is Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.............

Grayson Allen- the Grizz traded him for Sam Merrill.

Semi- the Celtics gave up on him, yet I have a feeling he is going to keep on trucking.

Hood- people wonder if he can come back from injury.

Thanasis- most did not think he belonged, but he found a way to be important.

GK- even the Greeks did not know who he was, that will change.

Hill- who says you can not go home again.

Coach Bud, the best winning percentage in team history and might of been a toe away from being fired. I guess a misfit leading misfits seems about right. Scoreboard.

I love this team of underdogs. I love that I can write about them, and if you too are a misfit, stand tall you are among a special group. We might be slow, but we got some dawg in us.

Bucks in 5

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