Doldrum Series: Relish Preferences

Taking a little breather before the last "leap" fanpost since I haven't had the time for it. But I've been wondering how others have been enjoying the afterglow of the championship. How do enjoy it? What have you purchased or consumed?

First off, this has been an absolutely amazing offseason. The Bucks championship has been slowly appreciating in value in my mind. In the moment, it was difficult to understand. I'm rarely challenged emotionally, and when I do, I don't score high marks. Initially, I found myself just being happy for Khris and Giannis. They both accepted their lot and did what they could with it. I've always enjoyed Khris: he's my brother's interracial doppelgänger, he's so calm, he's tended to buck the analytic trend of the 2010, and he seems a little more "real" than some other players. Giannis' endearing qualities have been covered ad nauseam, but I celebrate them all.

That being said, I accidentally re-upped my NBA Audio League Pass (@ $6/month) and it inadvertently came with the ability to replay all games. I've confirmed that this is unintentional and maybe a loophole for anyone fiending for replays. Anyhow, I rewatched some halves from each series. It was nice to be able to watch the games without having my heart feel like it was going to detonate inside me. That was really enjoyable. It helped me appreciate a lot of what Jrue and PJ were doing. It reminded me of all the gravylicious moments like Giannis' redirected layup against the Hawks or Bam Adebayo's implosion of confidence.

In terms of purchases, I bought one t-shirt (the NBA Jam one) and wound up being gifted about 5 of them. Apparently, vocal fans of long suffering franchises are easy marks for gifts. I also purchased The Athletic's Built for This book.

Honestly, this has been such a fun experience for me. I think it's aided by the fact that so many of the contributors are "rootable" in my eyes: Giannis (for every reason), Khris (for his humility), Jrue (for his charitability), Bobby (for embracing and defending our team), Brook (for being so candid), PJ (for being nuts...and drunk) and on and on.

How are you all continuing to enjoy this?

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