January 2022 Book Review: The Way of Energy

Author: Lam Kam Chuen

Title: The Way of Energy

After Mitchell and G May took the initiative, I thought to support the cause by adding another book review. I'll go with an out of the box entry, more action based than the usual books I'm reading. Acquired 2 months ago and despite the 165 pages is has, I'll never finish it fully and the book doesn't ask for it either. Gladly

It's more of a practice book of the most simplest form of Tai Chi called Zhan Zhouang. The name sounds pretty intimidating, but all someone needs to do is to STAND STILL. Actually with that said, here comes the challenging part.
It's not some strange standing position that makes it challenging. You literally just have to stand straight with the knees a little bend, lol. You'll have to use your mind to keep you relaxed.

The book suggests a slow tempo in how much of practice one should do and I can only confirm it, if you want to avoid pain/injuries. Initially for any beginner 5 minutes each day in the first standing position for a few weeks (not a typo) is the recommended way to go. Then someone can try out the second position along the first one. I'll have to repeat, don't rush it. Have read from various sources this isn't doing you good.

Some more weeks with this set of practice, one can increase the load to 10 minutes for the next 3 weeks. 15 minutes after that and 20 minutes at the end.

There are 9 standing positions introduced, my goal is to do the first 5 and not paying any real attention to the other 4. Of course, when doing all 5 positions you have to adjust the time. Doing the first position for a couple of minutes and the other in 5 minute sets. There are also some nice warm up exercises included and the section in the end is also a nice read. So far I am doing the two first standing positions for ten minutes each and I will see if adding the other ones can be achieved.

I would say for anybody interested, but not being 100% sure if this is something to try out, there's an old youtube practice video by the author going into the philosophy and how to properly do the exercises.


The book shows how to do each exercise with pictures and it's pretty incredible one can understand how to do them. A big obstacle in getting into it, is the long commitment that is needed to stick with it, because as said it can take a long time. From my own experience the benefits outweight the time commitment, else I wouldn't recommend the book here.

The most interesting aspect which caught my attention first, was the no movement, standing still part.

When it comes to investing and other parts of daily life, not doing more than needed has served me well. Patience is usually rewarded. So, I was intrigued when this book suggested you could have better stamina, get stronger and be fitter than with any other strainious exercices that is available. It also does benefit you if you do any other sport along them, like playing basketball

Well, hopefully at least this fanpost is fun to read, because I surely laughed when I read about standing still as exercice, haha.

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