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Grayson Allen Suspended For One Game

The league’s (presumably) thorough investigation comes to a close

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been the hottest of hot button issues in the league since Friday evening, and now the league has reached its verdict: Grayson Allen is going to get a one game suspension.

I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that the league office did not decide to suspend Allen for the length of Caruso’s injury absence. After all, there was a ton of chatter about it. One wonders at the factors that went into the decision, between the injury sustained by Caruso and the fact that it was Grayson Allen of all people. You know, that Grayson Allen. If his name was, just to pick a random example, Talen Horton-Tucker, would a game be docked? Anyways, all in all, the hope is that once the suspension is served the situation can be moved past by all parties. In the words of teammate Jrue Holiday, “Grayson didn’t do it purpose. We know that and he knows that, so he knows that we have his back.”

It deserves to be said that Alex Caruso got the worse end of the deal, no matter how you look at it. A wrist injury is no joke, especially for a basketball player. Regardless of whether you presume innocence or guilt based on the name/alma mater of the accused, the harm done to Caruso is very real. The game is fast, things happen quickly, and injuries always suck. We hope Alex Caruso makes a full recovery.

The Bucks are slated to face the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday when Allen will serve his suspension. With Wes Matthews also nursing a banged up knee, look for the likes of Donte DiVincenzo to try and build on some of his momentum from yesterday’s 20 point outing against the Kings. After that, the Bucks will host the New York Knicks on Friday when we can expect Allen to be back in the rotation.

The season moves on. Let’s see whether the rest of the world does too.