Ticket pricing revisited

Sorry if you don't want to hear it anymore, but I'm just trying to make a point. And so far the data supports me. That very well could change as the season becomes meaningful again.

Early ticket sales were robust for marquis games and most weekend and holiday games. Lesser teams on weekdays not so much.

Now we're in the duldrums of January and even weekend games against quality opponents are priced at half or more below the season ticket holders cost.

This is not a big market. 2000 season ticket holders followed the Bucks into FiServ. I recognize no one in my section anymore. How loyal are the new 8000 casual fans most likely comped by corporation?

Just saying it's a different world and not necessarily in a positive manor. Team expectations are at an all time high. A slight slip will cost ownership and a big slip could be devastating.

By the way my Bulls tickets are out there for sale reasonably priced for you Bucks fans who don't want to see Bulls fans in your arena.

Loyalty is a 2 way street.

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