Are you sure you want to charge more for this product?

Fresh off their first championship in 50 years, (well maybe not fresh), the Milwaukee Bucks as well as all the other teams around the league are struggling to put enough players on the floor to complete. The players are contracting the virus at a tremendous clip with many having dealt with it multiple times.

They've relaxed the quarantine times, but anyone who's had it can attest it's a strain on the respiratory system. So that along with the shorter off-season and a shortened preseason as well as very little practice time for regular team members let alone replacement players the quality of the NBA product has diminished significantly.

I never use to miss as many games as I do now. The one game I attended against Cleveland had zero starters. I was tempted to leave in the 3rd quarter.

Having been a lifelong fan and season ticket holder for 35 years I was appalled when I got my renewal notice with a 50% increase. I understand the wanting to strike when the iron is hot coming off a championship but given the circumstances they might want to look a little more long term. I am officially done. The group I shared seats with are done.

Instead of a diehard fan I am reduced to a casual observer. I probably won't chase after whatever streaming entity is supplying the feed either. It's a shame to see it go this way but it mirrors the current state of affairs sadly.

I have ranted about this in the past but I won't waste anymore of anyone's time on this matter. Life is full of choices. The bucks made theirs and I've made mine.

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