Milwaukee Bucks Ranking the Roster: Pat Connaughton Cashes In at Six


We’ve reached the portion of the exercise where we’re dealing with clear-cut, major minutes postseason players, and Pat Connaughton appears to be the first exile from the Milwaukee Bucks lot. Poll The 6th most important player to Milwaukee’s postseason success is... This poll is closed 59% Pat Connaughton (137 votes) 0% Jrue Holiday (0 votes) 0% Khris Middleton (0 votes) 9% Brook Lopez (20 votes) 33% Bobby Portis (77 votes) 234 votes total In my humble opinion, not only is this incorrect, but the gulf between Bobby Portis and Pat Connaughton seems kinda crazy. From a purely postseason perspective, I find Connaughton to be a much more integral piece to the Bucks championship hopes than Portis. During the Finals run, Pat played almost 200 more total minutes than Portis and also saw the court more than Bobby during last year’s briefer postseason. With teams like Brooklyn or Boston in Milwaukee’s way, the versatility of a guy who can switch capably against nimbler ballhandling wings and guards strikes me as more vital than what Portis brings. Don’t get me wrong, Bobby was buckets aplenty during the Finals run, has improved considerably as a defender, provides a spark, and plays well off Giannis Antetokounmpo as a floor spacer. But also, here are the 3-point stats from the last two postseasons: