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NBA Open Thread - Week 1

An open thread for the People’s Opening Night

NBA : Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors pregame Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Hey folks, it’s time for some basketball, and when it is time for some basketball, it often means we have commenters congregating on whatever article we last posted on the site to talk about the goings-on of the league. Instead of forcing you to jump from article to article to join/leave/rejoin ongoing conversations with other commenters (and thus helpfully boosting our site traffic), we’re going to see if we can’t set up a spot for general league talk separate from our daily coverage of the Bucks.

About two seasons ago, I (haphazardly) attempted to post and pin an open thread each Monday so that everyone would have a consistent spot to talk about each night’s non-Bucks games during the week. Since tonight is the People’s Opener with 24 teams playing, we figured we’d try to resurrect that idea to start this season and see if it takes.

Tonight, October 19th, we have plenty for you to feast on between Knicks-Grizzlies and Mavs-Suns on ESPN or Pistons-Magic on the opposite end of the competitive spectrum for you true sickos.

Utilize the below space to keep a running dialogue during the week, and let me know if there’s anything you'd like to see added to these as we go along! The plan is to post them each Monday afternoon (Central time) before that week’s slate of games tips off.

Go Bucks!