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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 136: Bucks are Back and Season Outlook

Pods are back

Houston Rockets v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks season has finally arrived, as has the return of the Brew Hoop Podcast. After an extended hiatus to gather momentum before the initial tipoff, we are returned, or, at least 23 of us are. Kyle was being an All-Star husband, so Riley and I hopped on to discuss the first two games of the season.

We focus first and foremost on the defensive performance, particularly because we know a shift in strategy across the roster is trying to result in fewer opponent triples. It worked to perfection against a Sixers squad as Milwaukee won the math game, while Houston got up threes but plenty of them seemed of the chucking variety.

Despite all the hubbub about the defense though, the offense is the real storyline I’m watching for Milwaukee this year. Particularly in the halfcourt, trying to decipher if they have more ways than in the past to punish teams in the Playoffs. We know the defense will be good, changed strategy or not, but it’s the offense that has failed them. In light of that, we talk about some of the complementary pieces trying to pick up greater loads without Pat Connaughton and Khris Middleton available.

We also touch on MarJon Beauchamp vs. Jordan Nwora, Brook Lopez looking spry and why we both expressed “skepticism” insofar as the Bucks winning it all in our season predictions. Reminder: we both still had them losing in the conference finals and mention we could see them winning the title, so we’re not exactly low on this team.

It’s good to be back and please rate, review and share the show with your friends!