Rise and the Last Kingdom: A Character Study

Sometimes what we watch or create is a reflection of our character. Disney Plus filmed a wonderful bio of Giannis called "Rise". I highly recommend it. The story focuses on the time of his parents migrating out of Africa to draft night.

Much of the show describes the fear the family faced in Greece as potential deportation was a real threat because of their lack of legal papers. No sugar coating was involved. It also illustrates how much they valued family (I get why Thanasis is on the team).

But for me, maybe the most important part of the movie comes near the end when the father is asked about Greece and its people. The question seemed leading and a good time to reinforce how poorly they were treated.

Charles would not have any of it. He instead focused how how important the country was in the development of his son's and the risk of leaving leaving Nigeria was well worth it. He and his family loves Greece.

Charles chose to see the glass half full (an abundance mentality). He chose love over hate. And he passed those values down to his son's.

The TV show "The Last Kingdom" got on Bucks fan radar when this happened. link

While the show's focus is on the fictional character Uhtred, it is really about the historical birth of the England. The thing that struck me the most, is how diverse the island was during the Danes invasion.

The Catholic Saxons (German migrants), pagan Vikings, pagan Celts, Franks, left overs from the Roman invasion, and other wanderers. Theses tribes had very little in common. Great atrocities were committed by all.

As the show moves forward, as Hegel might predict, the differences become strengths. The free spirited ship builders melded with the old Roman traditions of organization. A synergy would be created that would change the world and eventually lead to the birth of the USA and then the NBA.

But the path moving from war to community building would not be easy or happen over night. Difficult and brave choices needed to be made. Hate is easy, forgiveness takes courage.

The fact that a person like Jrue Holiday is drawn to this show, says a lot about his character. It is not an accident he is the straw that stirs the drink. Leadership is not about power, but about creating an environment were your teammates can rise.

One of the things I love about sports is that people from different echo chambers can come together and share a common purpose. We also get to root for high quality people like Giannis and Jrue.

A great time to be a Bucks fan.

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