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Monday Morning Media Roundup: November 21st, 2022

The “I fought the ladder, and the ladder won” Edition

Milwaukee Bucks v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

Where were you when Giannis Antetokounmpo became the NBA’s newest supervillain? I had just returned from Friendsgiving hosted by our friends (of course) in Minneapolis when I opened my phone and saw the footage clip that shook a sporting nation: Giannis tussling with Philly arena employees over a ladder before said ladder was rend asunder by one mighty shove of Greek muscle. Calamity

After some good old-fashioned rabble rousing — including a stop in our comments section from a friendly Sixers fan — the worst of the storm has passed from this incident. And yet I couldn’t help myself in extrapolating just how far the reverberations of the Ladder Ruination may spread.

Opposing fanbases are already quite adept at finding and sharing coordinated taunts and jeers to try and rattle Giannis. Witness this guy:

He was, in many ways, the true Final Boss of Milwaukee’s run to championship-winning immortality. What had begun as a ruse among Miami Heat fans desperately scrabbling for dignity while their team got manhandled on the court quickly became a movement that shadowed Milwaukee and Giannis the rest of the way. I wonder, then, if we’ll see something similar with The Ladder.

Will ladders just start showing up randomly in the stands of arenas? Will there be a ladder cam utilized as part of commercial break entertainment? Which team will be the first to sign a ladder to a 10 day contract or, worse, promote a hard-working, aspiring ladder to their coaching staff? Should Giannis lean into the bit and start toppling ladders (safely) for the cameras?

Questions like these haunt our sports fan psychologies. The echoes of what was, what could’ve been, and what may still be ring through our minds, taunting us, begging us to grasp after some frail figment of reality in a desperate bid to retain our sanity. In this, Mike Budenholzer’s demonstrative full-body demeanor acts as our on-court avatar. Ladder Gate may have passed by, but by no means is it finished.

Joel Embiid is a chump for that elbow.

Let’s roundup!

The Inside Story of Why the Bucks Can’t Wear Cream Uniforms Anymore (Uniwatch)

We bow down to thee, almighty advertiser’s dollar, and the fact that your digital ad projection technology is so rudimentary that it can’t handle cream-colored jerseys on a court.

For those who didn’t like the cream jerseys much, this is a win and I congratulate you. For those who loved them, sorry to say that that line of jersey design is long dead and buried, never to be brought back again.

Anyways, the piece is worth everyone’s time because Paul Lukas got a pretty extended discussion out of team chief marketing officer Dustin Godsey on why the cream jerseys went away and, surprisingly, the initial bid to make our base home unis cream colored from the start of the rebrand. Interesting!

The Milwaukee Bucks defense is moving forward by dropping back (

The Bucks already tipped their hand when they mentioned the emphasis for off-ball defenders to stay stuck to their assignment on the perimeter. This piece goes deeper and picks out the opponent shooting % numbers of this season compared to the previous few, and also breaks down footage of how Milwaukee’s defense operates pre-and-post-help defense change. All you need to see are a few clips to understand how things have changed, and Joe Viray has got them for you!

From Splash Mountain to Bash Mountain: Brook Lopez is inevitable (Basketball News)

I’ve been seeing half-joking, half-serious buzz to get Brook into All-Star consideration. There will be a time and place for that, but right now I want to encourage you to hop aboard the very early “Brook for DPOY” campaign. Per Nekias Duncan: “On the season, the Bucks have allowed 0.81 PPP on trips featuring a ball-screen defended by Lopez.” Yo.

And while Brook has undoubtedly been effective, I also want to praise the four other guys who are out on the floor with him. If Lopez was left to snuff out every P&R alone, his effectiveness would be limited. The pressure guys like Jrue Holiday, Jevon Carter, MarJon Beauchamp, and Giannis Antetokounmpo can heap on their assignments buys Brook that bit of time to eliminate a scoring opportunity.

Milwaukee Bucks to launch Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ store at Fiserv Forum (Sports Pro Media)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d feel like to indulge in the five finger discount with the comforting knowledge that Amazon’s bloodstream microchips ensure you will be charged for whatever you take from the shelves, get down to the Forum ASAP.

Know Your Enemy

Justise Winslow was actually atop my “random young guys filling out benches who the Bucks could acquire and pay” last year, so it provides me the most mild of gratifications that the Blazers will do just that. I actually figured Josh Hart was a lock to stay in Portland for awhile, so the hint that he’s a trade chip worth $12.9 million also entices me greatly.

The walking disaster that now is the 2022-2023 Chicago Bulls could’ve been seen from miles away. Their young guys are so-so at best, LaVine/DeRozan take standing power naps on every defensive possession, and Lonzo Ball may never play again. Let the perpetual rebuild continue.

Cleveland is a weird situation where their two starting guards quite literally do everything on offense. That’s fine in and of itself, but means the coaching staff has to find the right mix of other pieces to take advantage of the occasional possession scraps whenever they fall off Mitchell/Garland’s table. Why not Cedi Osman?

Yo, the Clippers were literally throwing double coverage at Luka Doncic the second he crossed half court. Nothing to take away from Powell because there are plenty of players who would blow the quick read to either take the release pass and score or pass it off again, but once Luka bails out of the double there are literal acres of space for Powell et al. to work in there.

Fan Post of the Week

Starting to run away with things early this season, folks. It’s retired janitor back again for another FPOTW award, a check for BHB100,000.00 (Brew Hoop Bucks), and our appreciation for keeping us in touch with the world’s game. This week’s winning article is, “World Cup Open Thread and Preview”! I’ve gotten the sense from USMNT fans that we’re either doomed to crash out in the group stage with zero points, or win the whole tournament. Classically American.

*insert joke about real football at the expense of the Packers here*

The Social Media Section

Welcome to the Resistance

Raptors fans haven’t recovered since this dropped and may never recover

Giannis being the Herd’s top fan tracks

Those Amazon checks must clear something different because it must absolutely shatter Serge’s dignity to have to cape for their brand over any other

The top comment I see on this one read, “I swear brook lopez was in my dream kast night and he make a high-five with while he was passing by ” lol. Instagram is insane.

I, too, use Oral-B products. Me and Thanasis are the same.

Appeal to the video producer: Mix the audio and up MarJon’s volume here

Sandro went in the wayback machine for this reply. Zaza also never misses.

I thank my lucky stars every day that God Emperor Goof also harbors the deepest grudges. It’s why he’ll remain in our ice kingdom forever.

Not genuine Robin Lopez v. mascot content if Robin doesn’t attempt to rip the furry head off these charade artists in the clip

Riley’s 2022-2023 Weekly Prediction Record: 8-7

Milwaukee’s Actual 2022-2023 Record: 11-4

First week where I didn’t get literally a single pick correct. The downfall is upon me.

Four games in the week ahead, and all at home! We humbly thank the schedule maker gods for gracing us with two extended home stands to start the season.

It’s every-other-night action on deck with the Trail Blazers in town tonight, the Clown Car Bulls in on Wednesday, the Cavs back around again this Friday, and we finish the week with the return of Jason Kidd and the Dallas Mavericks.

I’ll pick us to win over the Bulls and Cavs, while we lose to the Blazers and Mavericks.

Happy Monday (and happy Thanksgiving)!