Everyday is Thanksgiving

The highest margin job in my industry is Christmas decorating. But there are some down falls to that fact. It is a short season, and there can be angry push back at attempting to expand the decorating window.

Twenty years ago, most in the industry did not start holiday decorating until after Thanksgiving. Today 80% is finished before the holiday. Most start November 1st and work 24/7 until the jobs are complete.

As mentioned before, some are upset by the early start and often express their feelings by approaching the elves and reminding them it is not Thanksgiving yet. Not uncommon to hear it 10 times a day. You might not think it is a big deal, but imagine Celtic fan telling you rudely that flopping is righteous and Giannis is a bum throughout your day. It can take a toll.

My most memorable event happened while I was 15 feet up on a ladder hanging garland at an Indigenous Native American Casino. A nice elderly lady smoking a cig, while pulling her oxygen tank, started to shake my ladder and inform me about the calendar.

I wondered if this is the moment my life would end? Headlines: Plant Guy Dies in Oxygen Tank Explosion.

How did I respond? Not sure how it happened, but I found my inner Steven Covey. As I was watching my life flash before my eyes, I said, "Everyday is Thanksgiving".

While she might not of been convinced, she did stop shaking the ladder as she considered a possible new paradigm. She walked away giving me the the finger (clearly a Celtics fan). But I was I alive, and considered this a victory.

I started to incorporate the idea that everyday was Thanksgiving in my daily life. Bad day in the market? Grateful that there is a free market. Fall off a ladder, glad I can get back on. Watch Giannis have a bad game, glad I am not a Celtic fan.

Another weird thing started to happen. Being happy that the glass is half full seemed to lead to small victories. Less time spent pondering failures, and good times started to stack. Positive energy became infectious.

The holiday is a great day, but we have the power to make that great happen every day.

Anyhow Bucks in 5 and Happy Thanksgiving.

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