Corner 3's

The Bucks look defensively different this year to me. Not sure if they are playing harder or smarter. When in doubt, it becomes numbers time.

Just to review, points per 100 by shot location so far this season in the NBA:

2 ft/a is 156.0 points per 100 possessions

shots 0-3 feet from the rim, 136.2 pts/100

corner 3's, 118.2 pts/100

non corner 3's, 106.5 pts/100

long 2's, 83.6 pts/100

Clearly, the best play in the NBA is getting to the line, followed by shots at the rim. But for todays conversation, I want to focus on the difference between corner and non corner 3's.

One shot is above the NBA average possession of 112.0 pts/poss and the other is not. All threes are not created equal.

So how does this relate to the Bucks this year?

Last year the Bucks allowed 9.4 corner 3's per 100 fga's

This year the Bucks are allowing 4.9 corner 3's per 100 fga's (2nd best in the NBA)

Offensively, the Bucks seem focused on taking corner 3's. They currently are taking more than twice the the number of corner 3's (10.7 per/100) than they are allowing.

Combine the teams new focus on corner's with the return of Lopez and great rim protection and other good things are happening.

2nd best fg% allowed at the rim (18th last season)

3rd best at allowing the fewest ft/a per 100 (2nd last season)

It is no wonder the Bucks have the best DRtg this year. Last year they were 14th (bbref).

Obviously small sample sizes can skew data this early in the season, but the trend is our friend at the moment.

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