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Rapid Recap: Bucks 128, Warriors 111

So many whistles!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that came with a heavy whistle, the Bucks were able to roll past the visiting Golden State Warriors with ease, 128-111. Box Score

Three technical fouls were called on the Warriors in the opening frame, which paved the way for the Bucks to carve out a 38-27 advantage after one. Bobby Portis provided quite the spark in the first, frustrating Golden State en route to eight points in the period.

In addition to Giannis coming alive, the Bucks used the free throw line to carry a 64-52 lead into the locker room. At the break, they had 11 made free throws compared to Golden State’s two.

What a hectic third quarter. There was a flurry of technical fouls called on both teams, which put everyone on the edge. The Bucks were able to ride the momentum from it though, as they groomed a 95-77 lead going into the fourth.

From that point on, it was easy work for the Bucks. The Warriors didn’t have any chance of getting back into this one, developing their road record to 2-13 on the season. Milwaukee would close things out with a 128-111 victory.

Stat That Stood Out

Early on in this one, the Warriors got called for a technical foul — on three separate occasions. One on Jordan Poole, one on Steve Kerr, and one on Steph Curry. Obviously, the Bucks played well in this one, but it really seemed as if Golden State’s frustration got the best of them right from the tip and it put them out of contention. As the game progressed, there were even more techs assessed by referee Ray Acosta.