Hot take for hot takes sake

After ultimately collapsing yet again, something has to be done with this bucks team.

The problem lays in the foundation of the team, and that's the offensive system. Between the adherence to let it fly when I could conceivably shoot the same percentage of 3s against NBA players as many members of this team do. Aka missing WIDE OPEN 3s. And the BE RANDOM offense that equates to little to no player movement. The struggling offense that continues to follow the same pattern of below average TEAM execution sits squarely on the coach. He is not having them run plays. His ATOs have not been great for years, especially the in the corner to Khris play that multiple teams have taken away to the point that Bud can no longer run it.

There are massive holes that have been pointed time and again and there seems to be little to no concern about the STRUCTURAL issues this team has in utilizing players, and moving their feet. Waving off a Brook screen because you can't get him the ball of the roll is well structural. You have an excellent rim roller you can not get the ball to in order to utilize the basic NBA play, the pick and roll.

Solution: fire Bud and get a coach that runs a different set of sets besides stand around and maybe move when you feel like it.

You have a star that will instead of resting without the ball so it can move will literally run down the clock just holding it. Causing others to stop moving and creating stagnant play that could be solved with his gravity in a corner and the threat of him cutting being enough to divide another defenders attention.

His usage will and has lead to losses. If he does not get it under 35% by March, I'm predicting a 1st round exit for the Bucks.

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