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NBA Open Thread - Week 8

The one where we pretend week 7 never even happened

Chicago Bulls v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome back folks! Did you miss this two-bit column? I sure hope not! Apologies as usual.

Don’t look now, but the Boston Celtics seem to be pretty good still. A shame, really, because I’d have preferred the back half of last season/their playoff run to be more flash-in-the-pan than lasting reality. They’ve more or less chosen to just obliterate opponents by taking 48% of their shots from three and making 40.4% of them which is the best mark in the NBA. The leap Jayson Tatum made as a scorer and real defensive presence has also followed him into this season, regrettably for Wes Matthews who may or may not be rolled out on the court to try and save our bacon again in any potential Celtics-Bucks postseason matchup. 24 year old offensive superstar against 36 year old pissed off guy will be a showdown for the ages.

Al Horford still hasn't fallen off a cliff, Jaylen Brown leads the team in turnovers, and Malcolm Brogdon hasn’t missed 15+ games in a row just yet. Concerning!

Lakers-Cavs on Tuesday is a fun matchup, as would be Pacers-Wolves on Wednesday if Tyrese Halliburton is cleared to play. Houston and San Antonio play on Thursday to see who is the more formidable tank, and we’ve a Finals rematch on Saturday between the Celtics and Warriors.

As usual, use this thread to comment on the wider league or about whatever else you want to chat about with your Brew Hoop compatriots.