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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Signing DeAndre Bembry

Thanks Nets!

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Horst said just the other day he had plans to fill up the Milwaukee Bucks remaining roster spots, and he didn’t wait long after that debacle against the Portland Trailblazers to put his plan into action, signing DeAndre Bembry for the rest of the season per Woj.

As Woj notes, Bembry’s waiving was a byproduct of that Harden-Simmons deadline swap that saw Brooklyn having to bring back several players while jettisoning just two of their own. One team’s trash is another team’s “holy crap we need wing depth” gain I suppose, and there’s a natural fit into the current rotation with Pat Connaughton out four weeks due to his hand surgery.

Bembry’s time in Atlanta overlapped with Bud for two years (2016-18), so I suppose there’s a bit of familiarity there as well. While he is shooting 41.7% on threes this year, he’s a career 28% shooter from deep and has taken merely 36 shots beyond the arc all season. So, 3-and-D he is not, but he does the brunt of his work at the rim and has been a fairly middling to above-average finisher there throughout his career. So, don’t expect all that many offensive fireworks from him, but he might at least provide Bud a more reliable defensive wing so he doesn’t have to up his ibuprofen dosage after watching Jordan Nwora stumble his way through another switch.

I don’t have high hopes for Bembry, but he’ll do as a stopgap until Connaughton returns. And with that, one of the roster spots is filled, with most still hoping that the other gets filled by Goran Dragic. Bembry’s signing though is a good reminder that for all the hope that accompanies roster spots come buyout season, more often than not you’re getting a middling player unlikely to affect any championship aspirations...and with that fond sentiment, welcome to Milwaukee DeAndre!