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This Is Fine: Bucks Strike Out on Goran Dragic

Oh yeah? We didn’t really want him anyway! So there!

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

As we all bask in the afterglow of NBA All Star Weekend (particularly whatever the hell Steph Curry did in Sunday’s exhibition), basketball fans everywhere are easing themselves back into the swing of thing. The Milwaukee Bucks don’t play again until Saturday, where they take on the Brooklyn Nets, and today’s morsel of roster transactions adds an additional wrinkle to an already wrinkle-ful matchup.

Goran Dragic, the biggest name to come available on the buyout market, chose to take his talents to Brooklyn. Milwaukee was mentioned early and often as one of the teams most interested in Dragic’s services, and the rationale is clear. George Hill hasn’t played in quite a while with a lingering neck injury, Donte DiVincenzo was traded to Sacramento, Pat Connaughton broke his hand, and with twenty games left before the postseason the Bucks need somebody to help Jrue Holiday with point guard duties.

Dragic was an obvious target and would have been helpful immediately, and Milwaukee would have been a good playoff situation based on his (assumed) interests. That he chose Brooklyn instead speaks to...something. Not sure exactly what, but it’s something! How he fits in with Brooklyn’s crowded (and chaotic) backcourt remains to be seen, but now with that decision out of the way, Milwaukee has two more roster spots to work with between now and March 1, the deadline for players to be released, clear waivers, and sign a new rest-of-season contract while retaining playoff eligibility.

Guard is still a position of need, at least in the short term. Who else is out there that might make sense? Kris Dunn? Brad Wanamaker? Michael-Carter Williams? Dante Exum? Who do you think is worth a seat on the bench as the Bucks prepare for their final run?