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Grading Giannis’ 2022 Dad Jokes

Puns, and eye rolls, were done.

2022 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo has always been a jokester. In the past he would deliver jokes on Media Day to kick off the Milwaukee Bucks preseason, and has always been – as my friend Riley Feldmann would put it – a “giant dork.” Now Giannis has decided to head into the dad joke realm and as the unofficial Dad Joke aficionado at Brew Hoop, I decided there was no better way to spend my free time than grading Giannis’ dad jokes. The grading will be on a scale of 1-10 and factors will include stuff like the delivery the punchline and the answer to this all-important question: would my wife roll her eyes at the joke?

The beginning - January 19, 2022: “When the cows go out, where do they go?”

“To the MOOOOOOvies!”

The Bucks have just gotten a good win against the Memphis Grizzlies and Giannis is over here throwing surprise dad jokes in his post game press conference. The delivery of the punchline is great and truly was a great starting point for this trend 8.5/10

January 23, 2022: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“To get away from my dinner plate.”

You just beat your division rival in a closely contested game in which your teammate got ejected for a hard foul on the other team’s beloved player. Yet here we have Giannis, not caring about any of that and is continue to be in his bag. Of dad jokes. This one was prompted by a question he was asked and the punchline wasn’t his strongest; but the fact he is laughing this hard at his own joke gave it a slight boost. 6.5/10

February 4, 2022: “What is the hardest part of riding a bicycle?”

“The pavement.”

This might be the most buildup Giannis has done for any joke. He also made sure to get a blanket for his brother Thanasis because of how cold it is. Giannis delivered the joke really well and considering Thanasis’ reaction during the video and the subsequent tweet, showed just how good this dad joke was. The only thing preventing this from being a 10 is that there are better jokes Giannis could have used. 9/10

February 6, 2022: “What do you call a fake noodle?”

“An im-pasta.”

The Bucks are boat-racing the Portland Trail Blazers and Giannis is over here telling jokes before the game was even over. This was an excellent joke with a perfect punchline and, had he used this joke on the plane, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately we didn’t get a crowd reaction for this joke, but it doesn’t matter cause this will get eye rolls if you tell your partner or kids. 9.9/10

Also February 6, 2022: “Why did the football coach go to the bank?”

“To get his quarterback.”

There is something about Giannis looking into the camera when setting up the joke that makes it feel like he is specifically talking to me. Considering the fact that the Super Bowl was in Los Angeles that week, Giannis showed his attention to detail and brought the topical humor. Him running off to the tune of groans and resigned laughter was the confirmation of a well-executed joke. 10/10

February 9, 2022: “Why did the orange lose the race?”

“It ran out of juice.”

It was going to be hard to top his Super Bowl joke, but Giannis gave it his best effort. Bit disappointing that the crowd wasn’t taking the bait and going to ask why, knowing damn well Giannis had been ready to tell this joke. Just look at his face. This is someone who was ready for this moment and was going to serve you a superb dad joke. The punchline was good, even if the running away part didn’t have the same impact as the first time. 8.5/10

So that is all the wonderful Giannis dad jokes I readily had in the last few months. There are more out there, so add them in the comments if there’s any gems I missed. In any case, Giannis has done as well with his jokes as he has with his passing: he delivers the right one at the right time. He always has been a jokester but now a father of two, he is only going to get better at this. Keep up the dad jokes Giannis, and before we go, I have a reward if you’ve made it this far.

“Why can’t basketball players go on vacation?”

“They aren’t allowed to travel.”