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Reviewing the Forecast: Thanks for Reading!

How Did the Bucks End the Regular Season?

Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to the last addition of Brew Hoop’s 2021-22 Extended Forecast, where the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves back in the contention conversation. This was a season-long series, which covered all 82 games and gave an extended forecast of what the schedule looks like for the Bucks. Now, it’s time to end the season reviewing the final four games, and seeing how Julie did compared to the Bucks.

Hi Bucks fans! Welcome to the post-forecast, and this will be pretty brief since I’ll be doing this for the postseason as well (but in a different place). I can’t believe the season is over, I’ve always been one of those fans who enjoys the randomness of the regular season when looking back on them, and feels sentimental. I enjoy the random home game with the Clippers, seeing the back-to-back with Miami and Indiana, or whatever is on the schedule. I think this boils down to two reasons:

First, the only Bucks games I have attended have been regular season games. They rarely were a “marquee” game, and the Bucks would sometimes win and sometimes lose. You normally would get pretty good discounts, find random knick-knacks in your seat from the Bucks, and see all of the unusual discretions of the people nearby. I wish the Bradley Center were still here, and I’ll probably be the last person to say that because I’m the last Bucks’ fan to set foot inside Fiserv Forum (no, I haven’t been to a game yet, I would have this year but I’m nervous of going into an enclosed environment at this point in my transition). I do intend to go, and maybe I’ll be up for it next season. I also remember on the upper level there was that challenge or whatever to try and win something, and that was always fun too.

Second, the Bucks were mostly a regular season, then a one-and-done team until recently. Most of our lives (if you’re 30 and younger) haven’t even ““championship or bust,” but “regular season and bust.” If you have been a Bucks’ fan longer than Giannis has been on the team, you don’t remember the lack of postseason, and that is why I always take what I can of Bucks’ basketball. I miss knowing who Carlos Delfino or Luc Mbah a Moute were, I miss the days of Jonny Mac and Jim Paschke calling the game on good old cable, and that’s why I’m a bit bummed when the regular season ends. I’m not used to it continuing much longer. It was also less frustrating then watching teams like the Packers and Badgers blow big opportunities, the Bucks just bowed out as the 7 seed to Miami or whomever from time to time.

With that said, welcome to the postseason! How about that finish, aside from game 82? We started off blowing out the Bulls on the road to sweep them, and then we played the shorthanded Celtics way too close for comfort but still got the win. We then didn’t even mess around with Detroit (I think we remember losing to them earlier this season), and finished with Cleveland by playing Jrue for 8 seconds, and then fast forwarding to the playoffs.

So, here is my record, vs. the Bucks’ final record:

Julie’s 2021-2022 Regular Season Predicted Record: 54-28

The Bucks’ Record in 2021-2022: 51-31

I projected a 3-1 finish, and like I said last time the Bucks finish the season never going undefeated during the time frame of these posts. Had the Bucks followed my prediction, it would have been enough for a tie for first with the Heat. I had them usually worse than where the commenting faithful did, and looking back if I averaged out your votes you would be somewhere between 58-66 wins. Love the optimism, but I think I can move from realist to pessimist officially since even my predictions were optimistic. Getting two games back from Detroit and Portland at home would've made me almost perfect.

Now that the postseason is here, I'll be previewing the future. It looks like as the 3 seed, we will have to go through Chicago and then the winner of Boston and..... yeah. I will try to go to the Deer District as well, but as someone who doesn't drink (I'll take heat for not going to Fiserv, not this) and lives 20 minutes from Madison, it's going to be hard to find an excuse before the conference finals. I'm looking forward to going back as I did for both Game Fives last year, and hopefully Summerfest will be happening too. With COVID slowly moving behind us (for now), and all of the festivals and Brewers around what the Bucks do, this should be a great summer in Milwaukee. There's your Extended Forecast! Thanks again!


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