How much does size matter?

Forgive the innuendo, but it's a BIG question.

With the Celtics starting a pair of traditional sized bigs this has pushed their starting power forward and starting small forward for much of last season down a spot to small forward and shooting guard. Not having watched them play, i have no clue how long this lineup is actually on the floor to start or how many minutes a game you'd be matching size with them.

This begs the question that was asked on Reddit of do you continue to start a large lineup to match their size?

Oddly enough I was told it was a horrible idea late last season by Celtics fans, but that may have had more to do with who they'd be putting on the floor than the fact that I thought Tatum was incapable of playing power forward defensively at a high level.

We have good rebounding guards. And they're good enough defensively that I don't think we'd get killed starting Khris instead of Bobby if he was healthy. Though I think Tatum would be able to help on Giannis more as they'd have Brown on him or Jrue and Tatum on Wes. Or perhaps they'd put Smart on Wes to come provide a hand (and a pair of legs) to try to stop Giannis.

What do you think Bud should do, and more importantly why? What other rotational adjustments would you make facing a team that skips a shooting guard for 2 forwards and 2 bigs?

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