Bucks and Clippers Was An Ugly Game, But Here's What's Ahead Against the Mavs and Celtics

What started as an interesting matchup turned out to be an ugly game. The Milwaukee

Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers, two of the best teams in the NBA and on opposite

coasts, was to be an exciting matchup, especially after the return of Clippers forward

Paul George. But George didn’t play in the Bucks-Clippers anticipated matchup and

neither did Giannis Antetokounmpo. That wasn’t all.

Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday, and Brook Lopez (and it was his birthday) didn’t play

either. For the Clippers, PG, Reggie Jackson, Marcus Morris, Norman Powell, etc.

Kawhi Leonard is still out for the Clippers. This didn’t hurt them on Friday evening like it

did Milwaukee, though. Friday night for the Clippers was a blast while it was a sluggish,

uglish game for the Bucks. Perhaps, the ugliest game of the season as they fell in a

blowout 153-119 to the Clippers.

It was indeed the ugliest game of the season for the Bucks. Well, it wasn’t the ugliest

game, but it was pretty ugly. The defending champs don’t lose much, although they’ve

had their share of losses and early woes this season. 137-95 was the score against the

Heat; 120-100 against the Hawks; 119-90 against the Cavs; 136-100 against the

Nuggets; 131-107 against the Suns; 138-119 against the Timberwolves (after losing

earlier in the season); 127-102 against the Grizzlies. And then there’s the game against

the Clippers. There’s been other losses, including their early struggles when they were

suffering consecutive losses. But these are the blowouts at least. From a Bucks fan

perspective, they are still the defending champs just taking a loss in stride on a casual

Friday night late in the season where our starters were resting and the Clippers went on

a rampage. From an outside perspective, though, such a blowout is a red flag and might

raise eyebrows heading into the playoffs on a casual evening.

What went wrong in the Bucks-Clippers game is everything mentioned above. The

Bucks decided to rest their core players (Jordan Nwora and Bobby Portis provided good

minutes), but the problem is that the Clippers rested their core players also. So,

everything was even as it seemed, but you know what they say - all’s fair in love and

war. There really wasn’t any excuse for the downfall. Milwaukee let the Clippers

reserves, which are a handful, go on a scoring rampage. Robert Covington, in

particular, scored 43 points and a franchise-record 11 three’s for the Clippers. Then,

there was Luke Kennard with 23 points and Terance Mann with 18. The bench couldn’t

be stopped, especially the 6’9" stretch four Covington.

The Bucks tried. Nwora and Portis, as mentioned, gave good minutes and scored 28

and 25 respectively. Jevon Carter as well with 18. It just wasn’t enough to contain the

talented and fiery reserve of the Clippers, even in the absence of their stars. It’s safe to

say that the Clippers kept pouring it in.

The loss doesn’t say a lot about the Bucks season and outlook on the big picture of the

upcoming playoffs, but it makes you lean forward as the Bucks have a handful of games

left, including a matchup against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. That’s right.

The Dallas Mavericks are coming to town for a Sunday matinee, and the Bucks might

want to prepare better for that.

Given the game against Luka and the Mavs, it’s understandable that the Bucks rested

some players and let them heal their injuries. There will be plenty of action and scoring

in the game against Dallas, but they might want to ease into it, especially after coming

off the loss against the Clippers. The game will be competitive, and Luka will likely

challenge Giannis to a scoring match, but it would be helpful for the Bucks to take it

slowly and not give in right away to the challenge. The Bucks need Antetokounmpo, but

they should play teamball and good defense as they face Luka and their former coach

Jason Kidd in his return to Fiserv Forum since being named the head coach of the

Mavericks this season. It’s Sunday. The Bucks should recognize their home floor and

make it a smooth competition. The game should be a classy one, or a rough one,

depending on the situation. If I’m the Bucks, I’m classy or stylish rough and let Luka and

Dallas play rugged and tough.

That’s what I would do if I were the Bucks. That’s also what I would do against Jayson

Tatum and the Boston Celtics when they come to town for the Bucks last home game of

the regular season. It’s also fan appreciation night on April 7th.

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