Who is the better fit for our #2 pg, Hill or Teague

If we want to dump a little money, Teague is less than half of Hills contract. I read Cleveland wants to trade down to add a future 1st but would include sexton. With sexton involved, a think a 3rd team would be needed. The 3rd team would get Sexton but give the future 1st and player(s). We would get Ed Davis Delly D (or maybe Rondo) and #14 to pick either Kessler or D Terry. We trade #24, Hill (and maybe Luca V and Nwara). Not sure if cle would take Ibakas 9+mill or the 3rd team would? By dumping Ibakas 9+ mill we would have some money to resign 2 of wes pat or portis. So lf Ibaka stays, he and Davis would compete for front court minutes and Delly D and Teague for #2 PG.

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