Ranking the Dynasties

With the Warriors winning another title, their recent run is being compared with those of other great teams. The Bucks themselves are a potential dynasty as well as they were after winning their first title. That never came to be, although they were in the hunt. But that is another topic that could be used in a later post. I was able to come up with 11 dynasties in NBA history. Here goes:

1. Boston Celtics: 1957-1969. Eleven titles and twelve finals appearances in thirteen seasons. There were only eight teams in the league at the beginning and 14 at the end of that streak. The Bulls were the league's tenth team in 1966-67. There also was no free agency, so comparisons may be closer than expected.

2. Chicago Bulls: 1991-1998. Six titles in eight years in a somewhat watered down league. They had no problem getting out of the East and had 5 different opponents in the finals and never had a seven game series. Still, that's a lot of gold.

3. Minneapolis Lakers: 1949-1954. George Mikan's Lakers, remember them? I doubt it, but 5 titles in 6 years. Again, less competition will be mentioned in comparisons.

4. Los Angeles Lakers: 1980-1988. Five titles and seven finals appearances in nine years. If the Warriors win next year, they will have accomplished what these Lakers already have.

5. Golden State Warriors: 2015-2022. Four titles and 6 finals appearances in eight years.

6. San Antonio Spurs: 1999-2007. Four titles in nine years; 3 in the final five years.

7. Boston Celtics: 1981-1987. Three titles and 5 finals appearances in seven years.

8. Los Angeles Lakers: 2000-02. Three straight titles.

9. Miami Heat: 2011-2014. Two titles and 4 finals appearances in four years.

10. New York Knicks: 1970-1973. Bucks killers in our early years. Two titles and 3 finals appearances in 4 years.

11. Detroit Pistons: 1988-1990. Two titles and 3 finals appearances in 3 years.

I look forward to your responses.

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