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2022 NBA Draft Open Thread

Maybe the Bucks will make a first round pick this time!

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

What: The 2022 NBA Draft

Where: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City, New York

When: tonight, starting at 7 PM (Central)

How: ABC/ESPN for the 1st round, ESPN for the 2nd round, or the Watch ESPN app (streaming)

Sooner or later, we will see the Milwaukee Bucks take someone in the first round of the draft and be able to finally – finally! – retire the set of photos from when Donte DiVincenzo was selected. The Big Ragu, as many will recall, was the last first round draftee retained by the Bucks back in 2018, and is currently employed by the Sacramento Kings after being shipped out in the Serge Ibaka deal.

But enough about Donte! The Milwaukee front office holds the 24th overall pick tonight, and they might even use that pick for themselves! As always, trading down is an option, and if the rumors are to be believed (they likely aren’t) so is trading up:

Who will they come away with? Who knows?! That’s the fun of the NBA Draft: every team is going to wheel and deal to maximize their value, but inevitably all 30 teams will claim that they “got their guy” after tonight, and five years from now no fewer than 29 teams will say “we really liked him, we just couldn’t get there” when a player selected in the second round in June 2022 breaks out in a big way. We know how this game goes; hopefully the Bucks come out on the right side of things!

Welcome to the party, stay a while! See you in the comments!