Joe Ingles on Defense

Interesting article from a Jazz blog that contextualizes the down year that Ingles had last season: It mentions his success guarding certain types of plays -- judging from the numbers, it looks like his defense was still good.

According to play-type data, he held pick-and-roll ball handlers to .69 points per possession, better than 88% of the league. This was the most common play-type he defended, at 2.8 possessions per game. These numbers are in line with the rest of his career -- since the 2017-18 season, he's defended between 3.5 and 4 PNRs per game and allowed between .79 and .86 points per possession on them, always above average.

Second most common play-type was "spot up": this looks a bit noisier with more variance from year to year, but he's been above average since being shifted out of the starting lineup (past three seasons). He allowed less than 1 point per spot up possession in that time -- could it be that he is not an over-helper?

Third most common play-type was off of handoffs: looks like a steep dropoff in 21-22 here, although this could be a smaller sample size as it's only one possession a game. Gave up 1.05 points per possession on this play type after being above average (.91 points or less per possession) over the previous 4 seasons.

Overall, the Jazz defense was better with him on the floor than it was with him on the bench -- D-rtg was 103.7 with Ingles and 111.1 without. The on-court rating was in line with the previous 4 years (between 102 and 105, always several points better than league average).

Basketball Reference shows declines in his catch-all defensive metrics, with career lows in Defensive Win Shares and Defensive Box Plus-Minus, but his defensive rebounding rate and steal rate were more or less in line with his career numbers:

A couple of disclaimers: I take all of this with a grain of salt and am posting it because I think it's interesting, not because it's definitive proof of anything; this is not a prediction of what he'll look like on the Bucks since that depends on how he recovers from the ACL injury which none of us have any insight into.

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