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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets Summer League Preview: MamuSZN

It’s time

2021 Las Vegas Summer League - Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been a long road to this point, and as Milwaukee Bucks fans, we’re not used to this lengthy of a layoff between basketball anymore. Since falling to the Boston Celtics on May 15, all we’ve had to ponder was how would the team improve, talk ourselves into MarJon Beauchamp becoming wildly successful and politely point out that if Khris Middleton were healthy, we might’ve won it all again. Thankfully, we get a respite from all the chatter and can instead just focus on some BALL. Hello Summer League.

Tipoff is set for 6 pm Central on NBA TV.

Where We’re At

The Milwaukee Bucks boast perhaps the most interesting Summer League team I can remember in recent vintage. Not since the Thon Maker/Malcolm Brogdon days has there been this kind of intrigue, and even those teams didn’t have the sheer number of players with some connection to the franchise. The headliners are of course first round pick Beauchamp and the draft-and-stash chucker Hugo Besson. But I’m most excited for Sandro Mamukelashvili, whose particular brand of weak-kneed defense isn’t under such scrutiny in this setting, letting his high-flying passing, shooting and dunking repertoire to shine. Toss in a few dishes from passing wizard Luca Vildoza, and you have the recipe for a game I may not get bored of until midway through the third. Progress.

As for the Nets, their franchise is in disarray. Their fans also get a reprieve from the endless Kevin Durant chat, but they don’t have many intriguing new players to check out. Steel yourself for lots of, “Cam Thomas can really light it up; they’re high on him,” “Day’Ron Sharpe’s motor just doesn’t stop,” and “Kessler Edwards really showed something last year, so much so they cut James Johnson in favor of him.”

Player(s) to Watch

Editor’s Note: A reminder that there will not be separate game threads for Summer League; just the preview pieces for each contest.