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Bucks Unveil Classic Edition Jerseys for 2022-23 Season

Light it up! Light it up!

from the Bucks app

The Milwaukee Bucks are deciding to throw it back to the 90s with unveiling their “Classic Edition” jersey for the 2022-23 season.

This is the second jersey to be unveiled after the Statement jerseys were released. Outside of ten games in 2013 when the Bucks donned their green deer-head throwbacks, they will be wearing Purple and Green for the first time since they changed their color scheme in 2006. The most notable year in this jersey set was the 2000-01 season, where the Bucks were one game short of making the NBA Finals. The “Light it Up” squad with their Big 3 of Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, and Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson were unfairly robbed by some suspect refereeing but revitalized basketball in Milwaukee.

I became a Bucks fan when I was really young in the 90s. The team was BAD (sometimes mediocre) most of the time, but one thing about them was they had different jerseys than I remembered. Purple and Green is an odd color combo and especially after Milwaukee shifted from the Green and Red they had for their entire existence during that time. The purple will forever be linked to the beginning of my Bucks fandom and the fans that had been asking for the Purple to return for a while will be happy. I know I will be buying these when I have the chance and remembering the nostalgia and feeling like you’ll fall down at the nosebleeds of the 400 level of the Bradley Center.