If Danny Ainge Is Smart…

If Danny Ainge is smart, he probably knows he has a direct interest in the long-term failure of the Wolves and the Cavs. He needs those future draft picks to be as good as possible! How can he do that?

He can trade good players to the division rivals of those teams. A team that could play, and beat, Minnesota or Cleveland as many as four times a year — the draft pick could be 5-6 spots higher…

But he can’t take any players back in a trade! He’s got too many already. Rats! Trader Danny thwarted again. I knew it was too good to be true…

But wait! What’s that sound? In the stillness of the Salt Lake City dusk, a cellphone buzzes. Danny Ainge, exhausted from a long day of trying to rip the Knicks off, glances wearily at the caller ID. "Who can it be now," he wonders.

Jon Horst.

Jon Horst from Federal Express?

No, not Jon Horst from Federal Express. Jon Horst from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jon Horst from the Milwaukee Bucks has an idea he wants to run past Danny Ainge. It’s no big deal, just some back-of-the-envelope scribbling that Jon Horst did in Milan while waiting for EuroBasket 2022 to start. Giannis and his brothers are playing for the Greek team, not sure if Danny heard that. Anyway, it’s just an idea, more of an idle thought, really.

But it would solve both of Danny Ainge’s problems in one fell swoop.

Jon Horst was thinking about trading for Jarred Vanderbilt. Pretty good player, not an all star like Donovan Mitchell or Mike Conley, just a guy who makes the Bucks a little more likely to beat Cleveland a few more times over the next few years.

Jon Horst knows the Jazz have too many players already. He’s well aware of that, he saw something on Twitter about Danny’s wheeling and dealing.

But what about a player whose salary is so small the Jazz could immediately buy them out? The Jazz would clear a roster spot, might even save a few bucks if Jon Horst could talk his bosses into throwing in some cash considerations. Not sure how liquid Ryan Smith’s finances are at the moment, I guess his money probably goes a little further in Utah but that’s neither here nor there. Would Danny be interested in something like that?

Something like Vando for oh I don’t know, George Hill and enough cash to buy out his contract. Does that sound good, Danny? You can take some time to think it over, just give Jon a buzz when you’re ready to get off the porch and run with the big dogs. Don’t sweat it if he doesn’t pick up, cell phone reception in these Italian arenas might not be what you’re used to in the States.

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