Midseason Tournament Idea

I posted this in a random thread about voting off Planet Pat, so I figured it may get more dialogue here!

For a midseason tournament, I propose a month-long format. They should incentivize in a way that has worked well for the All Star Game: awarding $$$ to charities.

The team format could be something like this:

1. Top 8 MVP vote-getters from the previous season who are still playing at the time of the draft (not retired or season-long injury) select their team's charity to play for.

2. Then they serve as captains and have a 10-player draft. This puts the NBA's top 80 players on the court, so bench-warmers the fans don't care about aren't playing.

3. Before the first game is played, all 8 teams visit the team's charity, do photo ops, and get inspired to play for them.

4. Play a round-robin 7-game format where each team plays each other once. This should take 2-3 weeks from mid-January through mid-February.

5. Top 4 teams advance to a single-elimination tournament in mid-February, leading up to the All Star Game. This way it doesn't compete with the NFL.

6. Every player drafted plays between 7-9 games.

7. Cut the regular season schedule from 82 games to 74, so no games are lost or added.

8. Have the tourney's player stats count toward regular season stats.


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