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Milwaukee Bucks Media Day Open Thread

The season is looming

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ready or not, here it comes! With summer in the rear view mirror, the Milwaukee Bucks season is fast approaching. And nothing signals a season’s start more than owners, coach and players delivering platitudes during media day. Of course, we all have Giannis Antetokounmpo’s inevitable dad joke to look forward to.

There’s usually not all that much to take away from media day, but here are a few topics I’m interested in hearing during the day’s proceedings:

  • Ownership on spending so deeply into the tax, and whether that can continue
  • Jon Horst on Khris Middleton’s extension and specifications about Khris’s timetable to return (LOL)
  • Horst and Bud on the decision to run it back versus change things up
  • George Hill discussing the severity of his injury last season and current status
  • Bobby Portis on getting paid and handling higher expectations
  • Brook on his back
  • MarJon Beauchamp on how he fits into this roster
  • Serge on his album sales
  • Giannis goofing

I’m always much more interested in the front office, ownership and coach interviews from this day, but it’s nice to see all the friendly faces come back together.

Interviews are set to start at noon central. I haven’t nailed down if it’s streaming anywhere, but if I do I’ll drop it below.


It seems like there won’t be a stream this year, based on what Eric says.

If that changes I’ll update the thread, but if not, I highly recommend following Eric’s updates throughout the day, Jim Owczarski from the Journal Sentinel and the Bucks Twitter account.


It looks like you can stream it on ESPN+.

Here is the direct link.