When good guys need a bad and an ugly ...

Before beggining to throw things out of my mind it's necessary to ..beg for your forgiveness.

This is my very first fanpost and not being a native speaker ( Greek to the bone) doesn't make it any easier.

So I have been reading the media day's articles.. all the good , promising stuff players ( should) say at a day like this .

Combining to other things happening around the magic world of NBA , Milwaukee is a peaceful , safe port .

Athletes , most of them already succesful , find it really easy to focus in playing the game and what is more than obvious is that front desk managed to form a "good guys" team .

Giannis is a son most would love to have , a superstar that is anchored down on earth , his philosophy in life and game is so different compare to other superstars. He has reached the top and still remains humble.

Don't be fooled all of that are not to be taken as pros for granted!!

Khris , Jrue , Brook , Pat are all nice guys ..guys that you could hang out together , chat , be good friends.

Bobby is a category himself and yet you can't point him out as a "bad" guy anymore .. i think Bobby being part of this team lost a bit of his toughness..his badness...

Grayson could be the bad guy but he' s actually a no factor , to me a player that cannot find a role ( smaller or bigger) during the post season cannot be counted as an impact or propable impact player. ( imo Pat was an impact player , him and Bobby stepped up BIG time and game the extra little - or big - things needed to lift the trophy).

Thanasis , Vildoza, Mamu , Nwora, Carter, Serge ALL nice guys that propably won't step up even to a fight ( Serge maybe is an exception to that).

Marjon to me is just another project, the guy is happy that made it to Nba and shows it almost every day but never showed something to make me happy during the summer camp .

My dogma is that offence give the numbers( tv) but defence delivers the titles.. and the way i see it we are really soft.

We are old, short in wings , our depth is not there when it matters and only keep talking about chemistry and good vibes .... Being good guys doesn't mean scrap when you cannot make it through.

..and yes i know , success is never guaranteed , others play as well etc etc..

I really don' t see the spark in their eyes. Coach Bud and front desk are lucky to have such an easy group to handle and yet they change or adapt little to nothing expecting almost everything out of our big 3.

We are a ready team coming out of a season that most of our key players underperformed in critical games.

Brook, Bobby , Pat and actually i stop there... when Khris got injured no one could step up .

Closing this pessimist post as i now read it again i would dare to say that living in Giannis' era it all comes back to him.

It's ok to be the nicest , most likable guy on earth but wining as a team will sometimes takes to be the bad and the ugly .

ps George Hill and Joe Inglis are not mentioned cause the former is an ex basketball player and the latter another easy bet . Both could make the difference , wish them to prove me wrong , i just don't see it

cheers to you all


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