The Way Too Early Draft Post

Well, its January and here is a fanpost about what guys I would like to pick in the next draft, haha.

Actually, I don't think we have any first round picks and our second round picks are very late ones.

With how the Bucks are constructed, I would like to add youth to the team, which isn't something new I have said for more than a couple of years. The point of this fanpost is to focus solely on the draft and ignore any other source of roster improvement. This is a very unlikely approach to be followed by Horst as it is highly risky to put 100% of your eggs in one basket, but it's a nice exercise for a fan who can't be burned by this mental task, lol.

I also think it helps the team sorting out their needs for the upcoming season. What can they acquire through the draft and then look what other options there are.

So, to sum up the above text. This is about replacing some Bucks roster spots with draftees from 2023. No other source will be considered. Not advocating for the Bucks to go full draft mode and I am sure they will happily explore other ways to improve the roster and it is a welcome move by the team for me.

Short term, this may make the Bucks weaker overall, but in three years Giannis will be 31 and it would be great if he has some help from a younger roster that is already three years together. Also, these younger guys could be nice assets to use to replenish a spot or two if needed.

Potential roster spots to be replaced... Hill, Wes, Ibaka, Nwora and Allen.

There's a move to be made before the picks will be introduced. I would ask around the League and see if any team is interested in giving up a first round pick for Allen. I will assume, some team got interested and gave the Bucks a late first round pick for Allen. This move should help lessen the tax burden on the Bucks and should also give them a player for 4 years under control.

I guess the picks have to be very good, lol.


Pick to replace Grayson Allen: Brice Sensabaugh

Small Forward, 6'6", 235lbs, 7'0" wingspan, 20 years

He is burly, he is strong and he can play multiple positions. I think Ohio plays him at sg. Good shooter from the 3 and the midrange. Can really score and he should be decent on defense due to size and weight. He is my top pick btw. He is projected as early second round to late first round pick, but lately he is projected higher.


Pick to replace Wes Matthews: Jarace Walker

Small Forward/Power Forward, 6'8", 235lbs, 7'2" wingspan, 20 years

And a second video, because it's a joy to watch him defend.

Probably by looking the video, you will have find out, he is great on defense. He is okay to say at least on offense. I like his positioning, his strong build even at this young age and of course quick hands and feet.

Versatile defender who is also mocked to be taken as late round first.


Pick to replace Serge Ibaka: Adam Sanogo

Power Forward/Center, 6'9", 245lbs, 21 years

A more heavy guy than the others on my list. Is really strong, can contest shots and has a simple yet effective game on offense. He can also set screens. Not asking more from a backup big and he could be had for a late second round pick which the Bucks already have.


Pick to replace George Hill: Baylor Scheierman

Shooting Guard, 6'7", 200lbs, 23 years old, 6'8" wingspan

A guy who knows how to play the game with lots of all around skills. I like his playmaking, his shotmaking and the confidence he shows out there. Could be had for a mid second round pick.


That's the end of my fanpost. There's a high likelyhood some of these prospects will rise or fall on the draft boards and very likely the Bucks won't take all of them. Well, odds are great Bucks won't draft at all, lol. Also, better scouting reports will come up in time and red flags could show up for some of them.

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