In Euros, Please

Hey everyone, didn't want to hijack the MMMR for this but my wife and I just booked our (belated) honeymoon trip to Europe for this September. We'll be splitting time between northern Italy and Greece, and are wide open to any and all recommendations for things to do and places to see! Rome and Athens will be our transport hubs coming from and heading back to the US, but as of now we're only starting to put together an itinerary.

I know a few Italians and so will be relying on them for recommendations, but sadly don't personally know any Greeks. Thankfully, through the unifying power of God Emperor Goof, I can hijack this website and send a request for info out to our contingent of Greek fans.

In terms of things we like to do, I'm a sucker for history/sightseeing, she's a self-identified foodie (would like to take a cooking class while we're there, for example), and anything "adventurous" you might suggest. We're aware that the time of year won't lend itself super well to beach going, but that's OK.

Anyways, I appreciate anyone's input, whether you live there now, lived there, have visited, etc. Thank you for your time!

PS - Mods, fade me if this goes beyond the bounds of A True Fanpost.

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