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Bucks vs. Pistons: Full Strength Milwaukee Laps Shorthanded Detroit

Boatraced, Ledeckyed, demolished

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks’ offense was clicking from the start and never looked back. Milwaukee welcomed back Giannis Anteotkounmpo and Khris Middleton to the team and faced the Detroit Pistons. Detroit was shorthanded missing Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart, Cade Cunnighham, and had just played over in Paris, France. The Bucks won 150-130.

Three Pointers

Bucks bring buckets in bunches

Milwaukee’s offense has been below its best most of the season. You wouldn’t have guessed it based on how Milwaukee looked tonight. The Bucks scored 49 points in the first quarter thanks in part to Giannis having 20 points in the first. Within the first five minutes, Milwaukee had raced out to a 26-8 lead. By the time it got to halftime, the Bucks had scored 83 points, made 13 three-pointers, and shot 65% from the field. While Giannis set the tone, Brook, Bobby, and Jrue were in double digits by the fourth and the rest of those who played were able to get the buckets and assists at ease. Yes, it was against the Pistons, who are not very good, but it’s still important and fun.

Welcome back Giannis and Khris

After missing five straight games due to knee soreness, Giannis returned to the lineup. He was a force that Detroit could not slow down. Giannis got to the rim at ease, shot 11/17 from the free-throw line, and even hit a pair of threes. He was quieter in the second half but a 29 point, 12 rebound night in only 27 minutes is a nice way to return to game action. Meanwhile, Khris Middleton returned to the lineup for the first time since December 15 coming off the bench. Khris played 15 minutes chipping in eight points and hitting two threes. Middleton didn’t look too rusty which was pretty promising and even was providing some nice dimes to Bobby Portis. Milwaukee’s title chances greatly increase with a healthy and performing Khris; so getting him playoff ready is vital for the coaching staff.

Bojan was always the better Bogdanovic

After being spurned by Bogdan in the fall of 2020, Milwaukee was able to get a good look at another Bogdanovic in Bojan. The wing player is the constant talk in trade talks that Detroit would look to make a deal with a buyer. Bogdanovic scored 33 points in the game hitting a string of threes in the third quarter. I would love for him to be in Milwaukee but with Detroit looking for a first-round pick, it seems like a pipe dream. I’m sure if a trade happened, Woj wouldn’t find a way to mess this one up.

Bonus Bucks bits

  • As mentioned earlier, the Bucks scored 83 points in the first half. I like being on that end of a high-scoring offense as opposed to what happened against Charlotte
  • Milwaukee’s passing and ball movement were crisp and fluid. More of that please!
  • The Bucks made 23 threes, Jevon Carter was 6-8.
  • The Pistons having their jersey sponsor being UWM kept throwing me off thinking it was the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. It’s actually United Wholesale Mortgage. (Editor’s note: Same.)
  • Bobby Portis was seen limping off the court early in the fourth quarter due to Right Knee Soreness. It wasn’t his fault but I felt obligated to post this.
  • I am sick of seeing right knee soreness, yeet it to the sun.
  • Fresh off his Player of the Week award, Jrue Holiday was a steady 16 points and 7 assists.
  • MarJon Beauchamp had some DUNKS in the fourth quarter. The rookie wants to get back into the rotation
  • This was discussed in the staff chat, but what is the best late-night/drunk food? We had tacos, a pizza by the slice, kebabs/gyro/doner, and a burrito.