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Report: Bobby Portis Suffers MCL Sprain

He’ll miss “some time” per Shams

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

How it started:

How it’s going:

GAH, and just when we thought the team was healthy! Bobby Portis is going to miss some time thanks to an MCL sprain. Given Eric’s reporting, I think myself and most of the fanbase assumed that we had averted disaster with Portis’s jovial nature, but it seems the medical scans revealed something a tad more severe.

If we’re looking for a comparison on how much time he may miss, Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain on January 8th and it was just reported that he’ll be re-evaluated in two weeks.

And per Jeff Stotts of, it looks like depending on the severity of Portis’s sprain, he may be out for several weeks.

If I had to guess, we may not see Portis until after the All-Star Break concludes. That would give a full month for him to recover, and maybe even pegging that as the time is a little lofty thinking. In his stead, the Bucks will need to cobble together some backup big minutes. It sure seems like Chef Serge picked a poor time to leave the team...but having Khris Middleton back should help pick up some of the slack.

Milwaukee may be forced to play smaller for a time though, meaning possibly more Giannis at center minutes which isn’t always my favorite during the regular season. It’s possible Mamu gets more minutes in the weeks ahead too — maybe his last shot at auditioning for a full contract with the team moving forward? Regardless, someone is going to have to fill out Portis’s consistent scoring output.

Either way, it’s quite frustrating this team can’t catch a break and find themselves at full strength for a prolonged period. Let’s hope Portis can come back sooner rather than later.