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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 146: Jae Crowder and the Trade Deadline Conundrum

Trader Jon has something afoot

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day Milwaukee Journal-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Brew Hoop Podcast is back, and not a moment too soon with the Milwaukee Bucks having to contemplate whether or not to make a move before the trade deadline on February 9th. We recorded this episode late Sunday evening simultaneously with the Bucks-Pelicans matchup, so you won’t get any breakdown of Giannis Antetokounmpo obliteraing the Bourbon Street Backup Brigade, but there’s plenty of juicy fodder regardless.

First, we touch on Khris Middleton’s return to the lineup and Milwaukee’s subsequent offensive explosion of late. How has Middleton helped and what’s most to credit for the Bucks success: 3-point shooting, stability with Middleton, maybe a little of both? Then, we discuss how Bud has approached the Bobby Portis injury, namely by welcoming Wes Matthews back to the rotation.

After that, we get into the Bucks trade deadline, what the team has to trade and a lengthy discussion of the names they’ve been linked to — Jae Crowder, Cam Reddish, etc. — and the team’s calculus as they ponder now versus the future.

Finally, we wrap up with Riley quizzing us on every player from the championship run.

Lastly, regarding my comment at the end about this podcast continuing...while Brew Hoop the site was luckily unaffected by the Vox cuts, our podcast (like seemingly all SB Nation podcasts) was. What that means for us is still unclear, but we’re going to keep recording, and hopefully there won’t be any reason why you have to switch up your subscription on the platform of the choice. If so, we’ll be sure to spell that out when we have a more definitive answer.

Until then, thanks for listening!