Season Prediction Central

One of my favorite things to do is make predictions about the outcome of sporting events. While I never gamble, I boldly proclaim to anyone who will listen (or mistakenly stay nearby me) who will win, and why, and how, and to what degree.

How can I be so confident? Easy: I strategically do the hard and tireless work of never putting my predictions in writing.

That's about to change, friends. This is the Season Prediction Central. Over the next few days (before Thursday, October 25 at 6:30pm, to be exact), I will leave this forum open for y'all to join me in making bold statements about incredibly obscure things that we cannot possibly be sure of.

The best part? It lives on the internet. So now we can forever hold each other accountable, laughing hysterically for years to come about how wrong you were and how right I was.

So without further ado, simply copy these questions below and paste them in the comment section, along with your can't-miss answers that I will laugh at later. (Note: all questions are about the Milwaukee Bucks, unless otherwise stated.)

1. By PPG, who will be our fourth-leading scorer?

2. Which Year 1 player (i.e., rookie) or Year 2 player will have the most minutes played?

3. Who will start the most games?

4. Which rotational player(s) (top 10 in MPG) will not be on the team by the time the playoffs start? ("None" is an allowable answer.)

5. In order, what will be the Top 8 Eastern Conference seeds?

6. Where will the Bucks rank in the NBA in PPG?

7. Where will the Bucks rank in the NBA in defensive PPG?

8. Which 2023 All Star(s) will be on a different roster by this season's trade deadline?

9. What will our record be at season's end?

10. How far will the Bucks make it in the playoffs?

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