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Submit your questions for the Brew Hoop Mailbag!

Ask us anything!

2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

You thought we were done introducing new, recurring content for the site? Not so fast! Also debuting this week is our new AMA/weekly mailbag feature (open to suggestions on a better title) and this post right here is a call for you to take part.

Every week, a member of the staff (or perhaps a special guest) will answer your burning questions about the Bucks on a rotating basis, so you’ll get a variety of opinions. You could even ask the same one every week to canvas all of us on whatever opinion you’re soliciting! It’s all up to you. We’ll also bring in some outside voices from time to time, either from other SB Nation sites or other Bucks/NBA gurus from outside the network (stay tuned... we’re working on some big names). In general, we’ll post something like this every Tuesday inviting you to pepper us with inquiries, and anything posed through Thursday evening will be considered.

For the inaugural edition, Riley Feldmann will field your queries on the team as well as anything else you might want to ask him (hint: fountain pens and inks will always pique his interest). Post your questions here in the comments, and our guy will pick out several to discuss on Friday. Check back in then and see if yours was selected!