Predict the trade deadline move to complete this Bucks roster (Alex Caruso?)

Horst has always had a deadline move these past few seasons going into the playoffs. As of now it seems the Bucks' only hole is at the two guard, depending on how Marjon steps up this year that could be the area to address. For once our backcourt is offensive focused so a defensive player is probably the ticket for bringing someone in. As the title suggests I'm looking at Alex Caruso from the Bulls with two years left on his deal. Reasons being:

  • Very manageable contract ($9M for this season and next)
  • Defensive force (1st team all defense last season)
  • Great secondary playmaker and capable shooter
  • Don't have to worry about him and Grayson punching each other out in the locker room anymore

Caruso is not a throwaway player so this trade would come at a price, but since the Bucks seem like they're all in for this season and next here is a deal that could get Chicago interested (, especially if they blow it up. Included in this would have to be our 2024 second from Portland which is almost as good as a first. Bulls might ask after Portis or Beauchamp but that would be a tough sell.

Let's hear some other possibilities.

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