Fantasy League Invitation Post

I'll try to keep it short (although I have to write a minimum of words to be able to post this, haha).

I just created a Fantasy League for this years season, trying to keep the tradition alive. Since I saw, there hasn't been a fanpost up yet and the start of the season approaches, I decided to become League Manager and try myself out. Not sure about all the details, but so far this is known:

10 spots available for everyone who wants to join (one spot already taken away by me)

Format will be Salary Cap like last year. Which means, before the draft you get $200 fantasy coins to use on draft day and buy your players. There are also virtual Mock drafts were you can try out the format.

Draft Day: Satuarday October 21. This can change if there's enough guys who can't be there on draft day.

Invite link:

No restrictions as to who can join. Commenters, Brewhoop Staff, Old and Young. As long as there are spots available.

So, if you have some spare time. Please join.

It would be nice to show your interest below in the comments, but if you can't make one for whatever reasons, ensure to say a word or two in the fantasy league chat, so you show you aren't a bot. Thank you.

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