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Bucks Tracking Poll Results: Week 2

The fanbase’s confidence in Griffin isn’t high, but most think he should have a season to prove himself

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers Photo by AJ Mast/NBAE via Getty Images

We’re back with our second round of results from the Tuesday Tracker! This week, we asked you several questions based on happenings of the last week, as well as a few others that we’ll be keeping tabs on throughout the season. Here are some highlights from our 209 respondents:

  • 78.9% of voters favor removing Malik Beasley from the starting lineup, and the majority of them favor replacing him with MarJon Beauchamp.
  • Few voters (14.8%) like the In-Season Tournament so far as a whole, voters are split on their opinions of the Bucks’ tournament court, but the majority like (49.3%) or are ambivalent (28.2%) on their jerseys.
  • Slightly more than half of all voters (50.7%) think that head coach Adrian Griffin deserves a full season on the job before any decision is made about him.
  • Griffin and GM Jon Horst saw drops in their approval ratings of 11% and 4%, respectively.
  • Voters are about 10% less confident in the Bucks’ title chances as of a week ago.

Here are the full results (note that numbers below are rounded to the nearest whole number):

Malik Beasley is scoring 3.3 PPG in wins and 19 PPG in losses. Should he be moved to the bench?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
Yes, in favor of MarJon Beauchamp 100 48
Yes, in favor of Jae Crowder 56 27
No, he should remain in the starting lineup 44 21
Yes, in favor of Pat Connaughton 9 4

Damian Lillard is shooting just 32.6% from three in his first six games. How concerned are you?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
Not at all concerned 114 55
A little concerned 66 32
Somewhat concerned 26 12
Very concerned 3 1

Adrian Griffin changed up his base defense this week in response to player feedback. Which of these responses best fits how you feel about this?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
Good, he should be listening to his team 102 49
Good, but should be flexible without needing to hear from players 65 31
He should have known this before 40 19
He needs to stick to his guns more 2 1

How long of a leash should Griffin have?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
He deserves a full season on the job, regardless of outcome 83 40
If they're .500 or worse by Christmas, show him the door 48 23
If they don't make a deep playoff run, show him the door 41 20
If they don't make a deep playoff run and aren't meeting expectations midway through next season, show him the door 23 11
If they aren't a top three seed at the end of January, show him the door 14 7

What do you make of the In-Season Tournament so far?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
Don't know yet 93 45
It's pointless 61 30
It's great! 31 15
Don't understand it 24 12

Do you like the Bucks’ floor for the In-Season Tournament?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
No 71 34
Yes 70 34
Don't care 68 33

Do you like the Bucks’ new City Edition jerseys?

Response Votes %
Response Votes %
No 103 49
Yes 59 28
Don't care 47 23

Do you approve of the job Adrian Griffin is doin gas the Bucks’ head coach?

Response Votes % Prev Diff
Response Votes % Prev Diff
Undecided 159 76 69 +7
Yes 30 14 25 -11
No 20 10 6 +4

Do you approve of the job Jon Horst is doing as the Bucks’ general manager?

Response Votes % Prev Diff
Response Votes % Prev Diff
Yes 193 92 96 -4
Undecided 14 7 4 +3
No 2 1 0 +1

Do you think this Bucks team can win the title as currently constructed?

Response Votes % Prev Diff
Response Votes % Prev Diff
Yes 155 74 84 -10
Undecided 36 17 11 +6
No 18 9 5 +4

Thanks again for voting! Check back on Tuesday for another slate of questions.