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Milwaukee Bucks Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up

Keeping it simple

U.S.-MILWAUKEE-BASKETBALL-NBA-BULLS VS BUCKS Photo by Joel Lerner/Xinhua via Getty Images

Well, that was a mixed bag of a week. One thing we can say about this season’s Milwaukee Bucks, their games will provide talking points. For better or worse, it will be a while before we understand what the Bucks are trying to do on both sides of the ball. Is it time to hit the panic button and clean house? No, however, questions will be asked, and answers might be unclear soon. The Bucks are never dull, for better or worse; let’s wrap up.

The Week That Was

Weekly Wonderings

When the Bucks acquired Dame, there was the feeling that his boost on offense would primarily come from his three-point shooting, but an underrated part of Lillard’s offense is his ability to drive to the rim. Combined with Giannis’ ability to go to do the same, this gives Milwaukee a simple yet effective offensive strategy.

Attack, Attack, Attack

We give Milwaukee sass for sometimes being a simple, “play random” offense. However, it can work and be utilized when needed. The Detroit Pistons game highlighted how Lillard can guide Milwaukee’s offense in Dame Time, while Giannis dropped 54 points against the Pacers because of his ability to get to the rim.

Here, we see Dame receive a screen from Brook Lopez. He uses the screen to collect a head full of steam to drive to the hoop and draw a foul. Lillard’s underrated perk is his ability to get to the free-throw line. He’s scored a team-high 38.4% of his points at the free-throw line while getting a free-throw frequency percentage of 27.3%, which is fifth-best in the league. Though Lillard isn’t shooting from three that well, it’s encouraging to see he can still contribute to Milwaukee’s offense.

The second video was another screen set by Brook; Lopez set his screen higher up the court and dragged the defender away from the rim. Dame again has an easy path to get a layup and add his fourth-quarter tally.

If Dame is akin to a sprinter starting off the block, Giannis is the defensive pass rusher in football. Giannis also gets a running start but doesn’t get the screen set for him like Lillard. Giannis’ body controls allow him to change speed and get his baskets in the paint with strength and footwork. Antetokounmpo is taking 10.9 FGA less than 5 feet from the rim, putting him only behind Zion Williamson.

Plays Of The Week

Did Giannis bring Bobby when he was working out with Hakeem?

Sometimes, he makes it look easy.

You must appreciate a drive and dish when it happens.


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What’s The Vibe?

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