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Milwaukee Bucks Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up

Effort goes a long way

Milwaukee Bucks v Washington Wizards Photo by KeShawn Ennis/NBAE via Getty Images

They say winning cures all. A five-game winning streak and supercharged offense have the Bucks looking very dangerous. How long can this streak go, and if there are any changes, are they sustainable? Who knows, but I am good with letting the good times roll.

The Winning Week That Was

Weekly Wonderings

So, what has been the key to the Bucks’ winning streak? The offense will get the attention it should because the Bucks are bringing steel chairs to fistfights. Giannis Anetokounmpo and Damian Lillard are causing opposing defenses headaches, while Malik Beasley is hitting threes at a high rate. All of those are helping, but there is another aspect to the Bucks’ recent improvement.

Getting Defensive

On one of our Deer Diaries: A Milwaukee Bucks Podcast episodes, I mentioned that the Bucks “didn’t have that dog in them” or seemed to give a ****. During this winning streak, the Bucks have given that effort, and the reward is an improvement in the defensive numbers. Below is a chart comparing Milwaukee’s defensive numbers between their losses and five-game winning streak.

The Bucks have decreased their second chance and fastbreak points allowed while improving their defensive rebounding rate. That increased effort can limit the opponents’ chance of generating easy points or drawing fouls. Milwaukee's gambles on defense have reduced during this time, too. Instead of trying to steal the outlet pass, the Bucks are making sure to close down in a controlled manner. At times, those tendencies come out, like the end of the Raptors game, but overall, Milwaukee has reigned those urges. These improvements decreased the Bucks' defensive rating by ten points during the streak. There are still moments like Monday’s game against the Wizards where the Bucks’ defense leaves more to be desired, and their current defensive rating isn’t the level we were accustomed to. But these little things and efforts show that the Bucks can make the adjustments and tweaks needed.

This Week’s Top Plays

Two players I’ve been very high on, playing beautiful basketball.

The Khris/Giannis PnR: a Milwaukee tradition.

It's nice seeing the Bucks be the ones attacking in transition.


November 22: The play of the Week is...

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